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Loving the light

Stephen Chinnock

30 June 2020

On rock platforms
north of Mollymook beach
walking the dog
what delights to be found

The master designer
geological time
has left patterns
never repeated

Each with its own
unique imprint
patterned to perfection
geometrically lined

Symmetry often
with straight lines
a mystery sublime
wondering about such precision

Further on there’s a plinth
of rocks arranged
to highlight the beauty
of this majestic gallery

Corners and crevices
where the limpets
gather in a line
accompanied by other shells

And all the while
the ocean sings
of other great mysteries
beneath the deep

The gentle winter light
reflects off those intricate
patterns of rock
water washing over

Such places fill the eyes
with indelible memories
the sounds reverberate
never ending in dreams!

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