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Looking for

Stephen Chinnock

6 April 2020

I’m looking for
A new muse
Now that sadly
I’ve laid Fra Sebastiano
To eternal rest
By his stone monastery

I had the Phoenix before
Rising out of the ashes
Of our burnt dreams
But now our lives
Have become much more complex
As we face isolation
In whatever home
We might have now

Leave aside the insidious
Conditions of the newly invented
Police state
I need something powerful
And enduring in cosmic time
The ocean I suspect
To be the answer

Bring on Poseidon
Neptune with his great fork
The Kraken of course
The sirens with alluring song
Tempting Odysseus
Onto the shoals of destruction

Within this ancient mythology
I hope to find a thread
A direction to guide
Exploration of the human condition
In troubled times

Allegory, metaphor
Simile , rhythm and rhyme
In ordered lines of verse
Have always shed light
On our temporary stay
On the planet !

Coming soon folks
Inspired by
Mollymook beach
With thanks to

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