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Stephen Chinnock

24 September 2020

Joy found
in a new place
an empty canvas to paint
in my colours
and those of my mates

It will be a motley collection
blessed Salvation Army
providing the most
along with gifts
from great hearts

It will be a house
of remembering
days gone by
and not forgotten
by us , all three

There’ll be the boat
for exploring the lakes
and inlets which abound
in this wonderful territory

A new garden from scratch
an orchard in the front yard
lifting the beauty
in that particular street

Pictures hanging again
on my very own walls
a bookcase getting cluttered
my own library again

Great feasts will be cooked
for family and friends
celebrations had
for special occasions

What feeling is this
unknown for so long
satisfaction, contentment
even happiness

Thank you dear Phoenix
for giving me back
the gold in my life
an end of strife!

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