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Isolation Blues

Stephen Chinnock

21 March 2020

Isolation blues
Will be a song
For sure soon
Reflecting the state
Of our souls
In these difficult sad times

I'd write a verse
About how I wallowed
In aloneness
Hiding in my cave
Of separation
Thinking the human race
Was nought
But a failed experiment

Then came a great test
Of fire devouring
My lonely universe
Out of those ashes
I rediscovered a connection
To the better side of humanity

So my verses now
Would sing not of despair
But of hope
Getting together
In a circle of support
Working our way
Through the pain

Unpredictable events
Have now thrown
A spanner in the works
Separation isolation
Back on the agenda
Not chosen
But imposed

Ironical revolution
A circle complete
Of escape
To be recaptured
Again in an empty space!

Isolation blues

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