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Incremental steps

Stephen Chinnock

17 September 2020

For those caught
in the Corduroy zone
you’ll know where
I’m coming from

Those days of
it’s all too much
leave me alone
to build a fence
walk the dog
or simply get on the grog

Decisions what are they
distractions, redirections
more the order of the day
planning ahead no way
can’t see the horizons
beyond now

Then one day
out comes the calendar
regulator of days to come
carefully noted dates
events to be attended
appointments to be kept

Calls being made
seeking answers
to long neglected questions
decisions made with no fuss
light dawning before
once blind eyes
a new life has begun

Incremental steps
measured strides
the ground beneath
my feet becoming
more solid and reliable
a day at a time!

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