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In the flow

Caroline Yabsley

11 December 2020

I don’t know why
I cry.
I’m only grateful
When I can

I thought I was happy
But am I now sad
I can’t really tell
I only know it feels so good
To be in the crying flow.

When I need to cry and can’t
It simply hurts.
Letting the crying happen
Is a skill with worth.

I don’t know why
I laugh,
I’m just so very grateful
When I can.

The sensation of joy
Feels so good
I would keep it forever
If I could

But I know..
That feeling of joy
Will flow on too
Making space for
Something new.

Gotta let it all flow out
Gotta let it all flow out
Clear the decks
For something new
Gotta let it flow.

Making space
For the person I will be
The person I am becoming
Waiting there for me

Gotta let it flow.

(Note to self.....have to learn to stop stopping the crying.)

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