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Illusion, Delusion

Peter Austin

25 February 2020

A physical blind.
Or all in my mind.
Early morning.
The smoke, our dawning.
Rising, creeping, colour change.
Illusion, Delusion.
Task at hand.
To soak the land.
For days on end.
Water to fend.
Rising, creeping, moving closer.
Illusion, Delusion.
Now flames in sight.
The roar, the might.
Getting so near.
Could the lake they clear.
Too far to jump, Or span, Or reach.
Illusion, Delusion.
I'm still on the deck.
As it continues its trek.
A glance to the right.
The flames give me fright.
It is here, it has jumped.
No bounce nor a bump.
Illusion, Delusion.
Time to go.
Which way to turn.
Heat in the cabin.
Heat my concern.
Calamity, Insanity.
Or simply.

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