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If I could do it again

Stephen Chinnock

23 February 2020

If I could do it again
Would I’d be kinder
And more loving
Of my friends
Would I be more forgiving
Of their mistakes
And mine
Made in youth
Would I believe
So much more
Of what we shared
Of visits to family
Across cultures
Would I want
To go there again
Exploring cuisines
So foreign and wonderful
My Lebanese friends
Welcoming and feeding
All who came
From over the world
Never wondering
Where they came from
Just accepting all
My Vietnamese family
Who took me on board
As one of them
Loved me and nourished me
A member of family
For ever and more
I think I’ve been lucky
To have known these people
Each enriching my life
They’ll be back
To visit me again
Adding gold to my life

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