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Stephen Chinnock

1 October 2020

Icons of our wildlife
two black cockatoos
flew in today
settling into a grevillea
not eating much

Made plaintive calls
asking about
the range they had
before the fires
destruction of their habitat

In between
a chuckle heard
maybe saying
thank you for listening
to the avian kind

I will my beautiful bird
I’ll celebrate your existence
and all of the myriad of birds
we’re blessed with
in this ancient land

Long ago our birds spread song
around the planet
it all began here
in Gondwana Land
before continental separation
Our sky and soundscapes
resonate with varied song
delights to our eyes
music in our ears
beyond what we might invent

Consider the Lyre Bird
singing the songs of all
in his now reduced territory
reflecting such melodious
reminders of diversity

A life without birds
I wouldn’t want to be there
as our human activity
has reduced the number
of living species

Sixty eight percent
of all species of animals gone
in fifty years
what have we done
to this wonderful planet

So love your birds
even if they wake you prematurely
sing a song of praise instead
without them
the skies would be empty!

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