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I Swear to God

Stephen Chinnock

19 March 2020

I swear to god
I'll not write poetry
Any more
It never was poetry
Just thoughts
And emotions
Put on paper

Not even that
Because paper
And pen seem to be
A thing of the past
It's all been done
With a finger
On the phone

I'm giving up all that
I'm going to buy
A nice pen
And some paper
Do it all over
As it was done before

And maybe
Inscribe my pages
With images as well
Haven't done that before
What a great challenge
That will be

I'm not an artist
Of the graphic kind
But I have enough passion
To give it a go
And if I can do it
It will lift my heart
Showing something
Of where we have been

I want to illustrate
Trees regenerating
The bush coming
Back to us
The beauty of birds especially
Singing us back
To the world that we knew
And loved!

So I'm going to be absent
From these pages
For a good long time
Seeking to find
A more complete
Of life
As it is!

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