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I go

Stephen Chinnock

13 April 2020

I go to bed
But don’t sleep
Mind in the mountains
Instead of four square walls

I’m lucky
To have the beach
In close proximity
Valued greatly

At least
I can breathe in
The salty aroma
Of the seaweed

Watch the white caps
Rolling in
Eternity of action

Privileged , though
I miss the bit
Beyond the coast
The great divide

Microcosms of
Nature’s abundance
Something always
In flower

Views of immortal time
In the great chasms
Carved in stone
Sights that resonate
In geological time

Each visit
Every time
My tiny part
In the overall
Scheme of the universe

Each visit
Fills my eyes
With a myriad of shades
Of green
Variations of themes
Of the variegated
Nature of life

I’ll go then
Back to that place of wonder
Damaged as it might be
From the fire

I’ll see that the bush
Is resilient and tough
There’ll be green enough
To satisfy my soul

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