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Stephen Chinnock

30 March 2020

Humour keeps us
Bright and laughing
Stand up comedians
Have always been great fun

I don’t know about you
But tell me please
If you find light entertainment
Less relevant now

We’ve had a flood
Of great cosmic jokes
In recent times
Shifting my perception
Of what’s funny
And what’s not

Jokes about gender, sexuality
Race and skin colour
Have always been
In bad taste

If now we get a round
Of virus jokes
I’ll scream to high heaven
What the fuck can’t you see

About what’s happening
To our whole world
Not a laughing matter at all
Rather needing serious commentary

The current dilemma
Needs us to be
As light as we can
But don’t poke fun
At the contagion
Threatening us all

We can have a good laugh
When the virus
Has run its course
The danger over
And we are dancing on the sand again

Until then
Keep your jokes
To other dimensions of life
Don’t burden us with bad taste

There are some songs circulating
With a chorus
Of Stay the fuck home
Entertaining and appropriate
At the same time

Light but to the point
That’s what I want to hear!

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