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How Mad

Stephen Chinnock

25 March 2020

How mad are these times
Of self isolation
Leaving us at home
For a very long time
Contemplating our navels
Introspection sublime
Needing to look in the mirror
To see another person

In my case what I see
Reminds me of a category
Of age and health
Putting me in harms way
So I'll sit tight
And hold my own hand

I'm missing the faces
Of loved ones
Who I want to embrace
Hug like never before
Fearing the contagion
That would take me out
At a time when
I've got so much more to do

On the brighter side
I took a little drive today
On my own of course
Kept my distance
From the few people
At Narrawallee inlet

The sun shone on the surf
The beach the rushing tide
Going out
I sat and pondered
My eyes filled with glory
The absolute beauty
Of our extraordinary land
Gave back hope and contentment

It will all be there
For eternity
Beyond current dilemmas
Fun in the sun
On the mud flats
In the surf
Iconic scenes of our way of life

We'll clap our hands again
Sing a song of praise
Join together again
For picnics and barbecues
The world we know
Won't go away
We'll just have to wait a while!

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