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How do you manage my friends?

Stephen Chinnock

23 April 2020

I need some help here
Some advice from others
Who are facing the scrapping away
Of their lives to a flattened piece of ground

I’m sitting here
Feeling a second blow
Of destruction and strife
My sense of shock
Has returned to blow me over

I’ve lost the courage to go and see
What’s left now
It’s a sense of finality
That I didn’t expect
It really has all gone now

Yesterday I reclaimed just a few pieces
Of my fathers rock Lillies
Some burnt pieces of pottery
To take home home as icons of the fire

Now I sit at home as it is
Cringing in fear to face reality
I might need a hand of solidarity
To accompany me
To see what’s left

Not very encouraging thoughts
But I’m stuck with honesty
In my writing
Trying to record what we have all been through

It’s hard for all of us
That’s for sure
But at least
I’m not the only one
Expressing feelings
Through poetry!

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