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How are you now?

Stephen Chinnock

9 October 2020

I ask myself this question
not infrequently
about the road to recovery
after what seems at a distance
a massive shock
reshaping the mind
in ways unpredictable

We all fought back
with the limited emotional resources
left to us after the Armageddon
of our once comfortable lives
we received great support
lifting us up
feeling cared for

I’ve moved on
I say to myself
buying a new house
in which to reconstruct
a life of exciting possibilities
beautiful new art works
to hang on the walls
a boat in the garage
to explore this amazing environment

Why then are you feeling
on the edge of not coping
even after hundreds of words
tracking the journey
surely you’ve let it all go
cannot today

Grief rides on the tides
forever relentless
washing up the debris
of a former life
sometimes it grips tightly
the heart restricted
by refusing in vain
to let go

What a blessing I have
in the written word
that lets me throw
my thoughts and feelings
into the winds of time
mostly unnoticed
but snatched from the sky
by some who know
and they say
we’ve been there too!

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