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How are you man?

Joshua Chinnock

10 April 2020

All fucked up today!
Tomorrow will be better I’m sure
A bit like the weather about to hit us
The last of the light
Darkness now
Too long isolated
I have someone close
Escape needs to happen bro
Government warnings
Weigh heavily on my heart
Do the right thing
Stay home at Easter
Socialization with phone calls
Live streaming
Try not to drink
Poem and think
Bushfires not a distant memory
Nostradamus here to smash
Where is that monk?
God I'm just surviving
Slept all day again
Feel shocking
Energy level
It will come back perhaps
Take care of oneself
Live to tell a tale
2020 wow how the hell
Everything has changed
Need to put pen down
Music back on
Remember happiness
There is time again

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