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Anthony Ash Brennan

2 June 2020

What’s wrong with earth?
Are we ever meant to recover?
Fires, virus now martial law
Our story is now swept beneath the covers

In our capital, a commission
To stop a tragedy happening again
But Beijing and Washington?
Will they ever learn
And for once grow a brain?

After NYE
We long to see the light
We need to see the world is a beautiful place
To step away from our awful

I wish I was a astronaut
You know, they just rocketed into space
At least they are in the heavens
Away from the human race

From there they can see the beauty
Away from politics and hate
Their spacecraft is free
And not a dirty police state

Back on Terra Nullius,
our only hope is Canberra
But I’m not holding my breath
If they don’t properly fund our fire fighters
It will only mean certain death

It’s been a very strange year
That is without a doubt
We all long for normality again
Whatever that is,
it will be my bloody shout.

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