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Hello again

Stephen Chinnock

9 April 2020

Hello Fra Sebastiano
I’m here again
Trying to find
Some sense
In these troubled times

I’ve found some other brothers
That you would respect
Monks that lived
In mountainous terrain
In ancient times

They like you
We’re dedicated
To a purpose
Release of pain
Letting go
Attachment to earthly existence

Love of Christ
Was your way
The symbol of love
And resurrection
To a world beyond

Others found their way in
Profound contemplation
Of the world as it is
Seeing divinity
In a deep stream
Of consciousness

Which ever path you choose
To find the truth
Holding hands
With all humanity
Is the aim

Especially now
While we are threatened
So love your neighbours
Across the boundaries
Of race and colour
And creed
Lend a hand
To those in need!

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