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Got to love

Stephen Chinnock

18 November 2020

A family who turns up
at your door unexpectedly
even though you’ve spent
most of the day with some of them

Wanting dinner for five plus me
thank god Tio has a fridge
ready to provide
proteins and carbs
sweets for desert

What a delight that
they turn up unannounced at the door
knowing they are always welcomed
and will be provided for
at the drop of a hat

Minimal fuss and collective effort
puts dinner on the table
while stories are told of the day
projections made for the next one
everyone fed and content
after a little bit of sibling rivalry

Better get back to Aldis
to stock up again
so Tio is ready
for the next time!

Family is what it is
sometimes a disaster
but other times a blessing
I’m loving mine!

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