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Fra Sebastiano

Stephen Chinnock

15 July 2020

I’m seeking out your company
in my lonely heart and soul place
where I cannot reveal
to close friends
the hurt and desperation
I still feel

Doesn’t feel right
to burden those nearest
for fear of hurting their space
so I hold much inside
my blessed Fra
try to digest it
late at night
when my boys are already in bed

The rumbling of a storm
on our coast now
echoes the turbulence
in my mind and soul
sends water down
on my ever present internal grumbling
washing away with the gentle sound
of rain on the roof
some of the angst

Wait out a storm
it will eventually pass
so i sit tight
waiting for that passing
into a reinvented life
wanting it soon
the winter days are short
as is life in latter days

Ah Fra Sebastiano
let’s say prayers
for the beauty
of the natural world
let’s cling to eyes full of greens
of the variations of trees
the spray of the ocean on rocks
the scent of seaweed in our nostrils
the rain turning the world green

Ah Fra how I would love
to sit with you on your mountain
under a tree of wisdom
discussing the heaven of now
not after!

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