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For Leone

Stephen Chinnock

1 April 2020

Dear auntie Leone
What a wonderful
Piece of biography
You’ve lived your life well
Full of adventures and challenges
And you’ve always faced up
With courage and determination

Your current role
Is exemplary
Supporting our cause
You deserve
Much applause

You are a role model
Letting us know who you are
And where you’ve been
Now can you do me a favour
Encourage our emerging writers
To spill the beans
To put on our growing website

Well done auntie Leone
You’re a hero in our eyes
Putting the welfare of the community
First and foremost
With your administration
So careful and precise

When this current dilemma
Has run it’s race
I’d like to sit down with you
Over several bottles of champagne
And hear the stories
That you’ve got to tell

Unless of course
You would like to start
Writing them now!

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