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For Caroline

Stephen Chinnock

8 December 2020

A mountain peak
There is to climb
In times of great hurt
It stands seemingly unassailable

Pitons driven in
Security for the next step
Until the shale on the slope
Crumbles , no grip left

Sliding down that mountain
Hands and hearts bruised again
Brushing of the dust of pain
Scrambling to stand up

But a new day dawns
Better conditions
For another attempt .
To climb over that mountain of grief

Tentatively reaching up again
To hold hands
Pulling you up
Towards the summit

The view from the top
Of that mountain of grief
Is a great revelation
Of lessons learnt

Hurt you can only carry so far
Before emptying the wheelbarrow
Leaving the residue
On barren ground

A bright light will shine again
Over the seas of your place
In a great universe
Of which you are

But a twinkle in the sky!

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