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Final Destination

Mark Walker

9 December 2020

A bit like Final Destination, the movie, you were supposed to die but dodged a bullet and that thing still hunts you down.
I cannot live in my home, I have been in Broken Hill for months to escape the torture, devastation. I have had my share of trauma over the years but this has tried to take my soul.
I don’t care who’s to blame, nature held the trump card and dealt a savage blow.
I stayed and fought like a dog.
And have very little recognition of that day.
For those that lost everything I am deeply sorry.
I lost plenty but should have let the fucking lot burn.
I was an idiot staying to fight.
You didn’t fight it, it fought you.
And I’m reminded every day.
I helped whoever needed help as everyone knows me.
I thought I was prepared
I will recover.

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