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Don't cry

Stephen Chinnock

11 May 2020

Don’t cry but celebrate
With a glass of Prosecco
When your creativity
Results in beauty
Healing our hearts

Look up to the stars above
In a beautiful night sky
Seeing your blessings as great
As the number of shining lights
In the firmament of your life

Go on spinning your magic
Interpretations of the dilemma
Of life on a planet so distressed
Showing and sharing
Ways out and forward
To a better world

Your works of creativity sublime
Are just what we need
To sooth our troubled souls
Restoring the story of tomorrow
Leading us into a better
And more beautiful world
Of balance and restoration

The arts play an important part
Reflecting in a mirror
The victories and failures
Of human endeavours
We see there our real faces
Sometimes ugly even grotesque
But sometimes showing beauty
If we dare to imagine

Never stop to create
In your own way
Give us a glimpse
Of the possibility of beauty again
Before the forces of destruction

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