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Stephen Chinnock

13 August 2020

Have been companions
To our kind
Since we started to settle down
And grow crops

Wolves they were
Gathering around for the scraps
Until they formed a bond
Unbroken to this day

We have bred them up
For many purposes
Starting with a warm companion
Around early fires

A hunting mate they became
Sharing the spoils
Gratitude on both sides

And now we have our poodles and others at home
Guide dogs for the blind
Companion dogs in court
Helping those in distress
Dogs in schools for troubled kids

And I have to confess
Walking with a border collie
On the beach and rock platforms
In Mollymook was a delight

But now my nephew Jesse
Has to put down
A much loved part of the family
Denver loved by kids
For his gentle nature
playfulness as a pup
Steadfast support for the extended family
As the years went on

God bless him
For the evolution of his kind
That have given so much company
Without asking for more than a feed
And a scratch behind the ear!

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