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Do you remember?

Stephen Chinnock

1 June 2020

Do you remember
the days of postcards
and when you’d travel
a bloody long way
just to be face to face
with a friend you loved?

Now instead
the spider in the sky
is weaving a complicated web
easily broken
through misinformation

I for one
and I know not the only one
who’d love to touch the faces
of those I love
instead of the complex business
of writing texts

There you go
as I speak
I’m supporting this mode
of connection
what a contradiction I am

I’d much rather travel
if I could
to Malaysia
Turkey and Italy
where my heart belongs
kissing on cheeks
both sides

Saying out loud
in the face
how wonderful to see you again
raising a toast to reconnection

Recognising your eyes
your smile and voice
feeling the benevolence
of your dear presence

At least I have a plan
to remedy these strange times
that will be of course
to visit once more

All of those that I love
I’ll be there
I promise
Sooner rather than later!

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