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Stephen Chinnock

24 April 2020

Many have cried yesterday and today
Rightly so because crying is good for you
Releasing pain and trouble in your life
Now is a time with a lot to cry about

But I can’t cry at all
Haven’t done it at all
Instead I write down my pain and desperation
Upfront for all to see if they care to read
My tears on the page blotting the ink
Of the story of our destiny

What a blessing it is that others too
Have picked up the pen to paint
A variegated canvas with sharp contrasts
Of black and white all the shades between
Flashes of colour emerging to challenge
The Colour of black that Kris Brennan writes about
While the natural world strives
Harder and quicker than us to reintroduce

Greens and reds first in the bush
Until the flush of colour returns
The full palette will be again
The spectrum of the rainbow!

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