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Conversations with trees

Caroline Yabsley

26 July 2020

Come back, said the trees.
Time for you to make this place your home again.

But I’m not ready, I said.
Not fully healed yet.

You’ve had 6 months to rest in Mollymook.
We need you here.
Remember our agreement:
We help each other.

But how will I find strength to be of use to you.

We will help you. Trust us.

But you don’t look like proper trees anymore.
Just burnt furry branches on a trunk.
Look what Fire did to you!

We are still strong, they said.
Trust us.


But I still feel the pain, I said,
So strong in my heart.
It’s stronger when I come here to you and this place.
Let me heal some more first.

The way to heal, said the trees,
Is to feel ALL the pain.
Not numb it by being absent .
Don’t be afraid.
You’re ready for this now.

Well...yes....,I said.
But, the trees in Mollymook are so full.
Such full canopies,
Moving gracefully in the breeze.

Come sit beneath us, they said,
And be still and listen.
Look up at our funny furry branches
Where our canopies once were
And will be again.
Be still, and listen.
You’ll find we are talking to you yet.
And look at the home your Beloved is preparing for you
Here amongst us, your trees.


So I sit beneath the trees.
And yes, I can still hear them talking to me.
I easily find stillness
Beneath their funny furry branches

I find I can grieve for the trees,
And praise their resilience.
And I can grieve for myself,
Praising my own resilience.
And I simply praise my Beloved

I’ll be home again soon.

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