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Stephen Chinnock

22 April 2020

I’ve had a few today
On line, on the phone
And briefly one
Face to face

All of those talks
Soothed my troubled soul
Showing that most care
For me and others
Faced with the same dilemma

One reassured me
Holding my hand
Through a difficult moment
Others expressed appreciation
Of my descriptions
Of what we are going through

One wrote a poem
So clear and precise
Holding up a mirror
For all of us to see our hurt

One came with edible delights
Put into the freezer
For later cold nights
Comfort for the winter coming

My view of humanity
Is softened somewhat
By these expressions
Of support and affection

Thank you all of my friends
Keeping me such good company
In isolation enforcement
But how are we arising
So well, through gentle contributions!

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