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Community, Unity

Peter Austin

25 February 2020

Is there a why.
Or did it just happen.
That long day of fright.
That drained all the light.

The heat, the flames.
Escape, the aim.
Breathe, move forward.
The light will return.

The beach, our saviour.
The people, our bond.
Fire still raging.
Yet all stayed so strong.

Darkness that day.
Yet it glowed through the night.
There was strength in our numbers.
And strength in our plight.

And the light did return.
Yet fear it remained.
Unknowns and emptiness.
A vacuum of numbness.

Some lost so much.
And some lost all.
Yet together we stand.
In the face of the pall.

The sun is back.
The colour returns.
Lightness and brightness.
Flowers and ferns.

Wildlife and birds.
To their home they do come.
Their presence a smile.
In the face of the sun.

Recovery, community.
New friends and unity.
Out of the darkness.
Hope, resilience, opportunity.

The lake and the west end.
The north side, Fishos and Berringer too!
The beast is extinguished.
The community shines through.

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