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Come Back Old Mate

Shane Potter

29 December 2019

(Written after the Cudlee Creek fires in the Adelaide Hills 2019/2020. A lesson in resilience from nature...)

Will you come back old mate,
Or will you let this Hell defeat you?
Will you let this bastard circumstance,
Condemn you and complete you?

Sure, your bark is charred and blackened,
Your leaves are burnt and brown.
Your very heart is scorched and baked,
White ash upon your ground.

But can you hold on old mate,
Until the seasons turn?
'Til spring rains come and quench your soul,
So life can fresh return.

Be strong old mate and hold your ground,
You're made of harder wood.
This very land on which you've grown,
Has made you strong and good.

You'll get through this old mate,
I really like your chances.
Better times will sprout again,
There's hope there in your branches!

So stand up tall old mate,
Your roots are deep and true.
Despite this awful circumstance,
Old mate you WILL get through!

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