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Stephen Chinnock

23 March 2020

I'm going through
Colours in my mind
Like never before
A pallet of shades
Light and dark

Black has been foremost
Roaring red
Searching for the green
Begging it to come
Bringing back
A familiar landscape

Blue has been reassuring
With white tips
Rolling under a sky
Of grey and white
Turning to shades darker
At times when it rains

Yellow and red tender shoots
Contrasting the overall dark
Black trees all around
Exceptional moments of green
As tree ferns fight back

Brilliant lime green
That the gods have painted
On our rural land
So bright that it shocks
Your sight and senses

Deep purple and dark blue
Colouring our hearts
Our bodies and souls
Stripes of yellow and orange
Colouring up our lives
The bright light of support

Pulsating silver at night
Milky shades of the universe
Stars blinking at us
With their bright light
Some like Mars are even red

And then
After the storms
The rainbow shines
Above our world
What a beautiful spectrum
Of colour and delight

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