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Melissa Neve

25 March 2020

Claudio the colourist, is a whizz with brush and comb
My hairdresser for hard times, when it's hairdo time at home
He's fast and cheap and easy, but that's not how he cooks
He's a little camp, a little gruff, but he's got swarthy good looks
He can wield that Latino accent, like the best little Aussie whip cracker
And shout, 'get me my soy, triple, mocha latte', if you're staffing like a slacker
His stories always intrigue me, he has the best news in the town
But don't you dare to tell him that he's missed your bloody crown
He will stomp around and swear and squeal, like a right 2 year old brat
He believes he's quite the artist, just ignore you and start to chat
He needs lots of affirmation and I really am quite grateful
For a man to do my hair and it never looks distasteful
So here's to all the husbands who will learn new skills this winter
It can be fun to act the goat, with your new found tinter!

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