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But you know

Stephen Chinnock

26 September 2020

When it’s all said and done
buying another house
a new future shining
on the horizon
of limited time
is not the whole answer

God bless the brave souls
never accepting defeat
rebuilding now right there
where it all happened
I didn’t have the courage

I find no matter how many corners
I turn in this battle of the mind
there’s always another hurdle
waiting to trip me up

I read that article today
long , in depth
spreading it out on a page
bringing back that terrible day
the whirlwind of fire
taking away so much of our lives

My heart and mind rebelled again
raging against that turn of fate
battling like mad to balance out
mischance with blessings instead
of which I have many

The spectre of that day
will go on in our lives
casting a long shadow
for years to come
but we will all continue
to fight back
each in our own way

And one day
not so far distant
you’ll all be invited
to sip Prosecco
on my front lawn
destined to be
an orchard of fruits!

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