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Bushfire Brain

Melissa Neve

27 August 2020

My 'bushfire brain', really tries to do
All the many things it’s ‘supposed’ to do
But all the things I should not delay
I might have to leave, for another day
I don’t want to work or file or plan
I just want to garden on our bit of land
And forget the year that’s nearly through
How do you forget, when it lives with you?
I want to have fun and be light and easy
But it’s heavy at times and I’m so uneasy
Surreal, a fog, a daze describes it
‘Just be kind to yourself’, I need constant reminders
‘Just take that day and potter, forget’
‘And visit and laugh and be free, not too set’
‘Reward yourself with some little project’
‘And enjoy the day and be in the moment’
Is just the good medicine I prescribe for my brain
To let it come back to that safety again
To rest itself from its cortisol load
It’s an important part of this long, bumpy road
Oh, to vanish from here on a grand vacation
And to set out for months all across the nation
But the damn pandemic has us all at home
Wonder when I’ll get out of the ‘corduroy zone’?

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