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Anthony Ash Brennan

31 May 2020

Through the chill of winters haze
The yellow beasts are at it again
Crash bang fizz screech
Metal brick and dirt
All within its robotic reach

Remember the sounds of birds, the calm
even the odd fishing boat?
The water is just as inviting
A postcard, it still has it’s charms.

But now big machines are a tragic reminder for those who stayed
My heart sinks for those who have to listen and watch this everyday
And who are these men in white space suits?
Ordering the dozers to act this way.
Sweeping our memories, our dreams, our toil
Into the big white truck who drive it all away.

My family’s blood is in that soil
Our parents died and it was bequeathed
So do your best Mr bulldozer
The community, the connection, and family
is what will always lie beneath.

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