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Stephen Chinnock

6 September 2020

Building new chapters
in your own story
after disaster
takes mindfulness
care and consideration

The trajectory of your life
was going in a different direction
suddenly blocked
feels like a dead end
redefining a difficult task
in tender old age

Inertia dominates
motivation hard to find
no purpose in hand
just a muddy idea
of where to go now

Growth I’ve found
bonding with new members
of an already extended family
counting new friends
expanding dimensions

When I want clarity
I go to the sea
listen to Poseidon
Neptune and the Sirens
even the Kraken at times

In that constant murmuring
or crashing explosively at times
there’s just a taste of eternity
all that clutter and worry
of mundane every day
fades away
Washing my soul clean again!

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