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Buckle up folks

Stephen Chinnock

16 March 2020

Buckle up folks
Our turn has come
The pace of change
Is accelerating
Whether you think
It’s exaggerated or not
Life is about to take on
New dimensions
Not seen before

Toilet paper
Is not the issue
It’s being alone
Stranded not able
To relate like before
Can’t even shake the hand
Of your best mate

But I’ll bet in the Australian way
There’ll be lots of barbecues
Happening over the fence
Beers being drunk
People saying
It’s all right mate
No worries

Whether or not
That approach will work
Is yet to be seen
As this virus spreads
In its inevitable way

Those in the grip
Of the problem
Say watch out
Act now
Or you will suffer the consequences
Down the track

Take a look at Europe
And don’t be surprised
If we too will be there
The day after tomorrow!

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