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Bondi Beach Closed Down!

Stephen Chinnock

20 March 2020

Bondi beach closed down
No more swimming and surfing
Seeking the sun
In such an iconic
Australian place
That's one for the books
Of history

Will it come to that here
Mollymook beach closed?
A place I've been visiting daily
Loving the laid back scene
Long stretches of golden sand
Lines of breakers rolling in

Board riders taking good rides
Body surfers diving under dumpers
On the shore
People of all ages sitting around
At the Bogey hole
Soaking up the sun
And paddling about

Without the opportunity to enjoy
That wonderful treasure
Of the south coast scene
Our lives will be
Greatly diminished
Surely we can ensure
A safe distance from each other
Given the dimensions of our space
Going on to let the salt water
Wash away contagion
Let alone our fears and tensions

I believe that will be hard
To keep us away from the sea
Without a massive amount
Of security!

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