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Blessings of beautiful things

Stephen Chinnock

11 May 2020

I lost decades of beautiful objects
Gathered lovingly over decades
Of wandering around the planet
All consumed in that fire

BUT now I’m starting again
Gathering objects of art and craft
That sooth my burnt soul
To decorate a new my place

Today I have a new pot
Forged in the fire of Raku
Made by the hand of a master potter
Susan Curran multitalented creator of beauty

On one side there’s the image
Of the Phoenix, one of my powerful muses
On the other imprinted
From a Lino cut
Two black cockatoos flying
Accompanied by a poem about those birds
By the distinguished Dorothy Swope

This is an object that pierces my heart
For its beauty and appropriateness
In the state of my life
And sold to support
Struggling artists who have lost
Their infrastructure

What a wonderful circle
Of connectedness
In a wild world
Of loose ends!

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