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Stephen Chinnock

21 May 2020

Blessings from heaven
as the rain pours down heavily
on a dry and parched land
returning the land to lush green

Other blessings too
as many continue to donate
wonderful goods
to us , the fire survivors

I’ve become a Bower bird
Not so much for the blue
But for a collection
of eclectic objects

These generous donations
will define a new space
in a future of my life
each with its own story

When I have another house
the corridors will reflect
the beauty of the objects
donated with such great heart

Some new prints on the wall
of Magpies much loved
bits of furniture preloved
given a new life in my place

My heart is restored
by this community process
of giving without asking
stretching out a hand

I’ll be forever grateful
for the help given
knowing that
there are beautiful souls!

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