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Big Brother is watching

Stephen Chinnock

23 April 2020

Like in George Orwell’s book
They are looking at us
Way beyond 1984
It’s happening now

I had a letter today
From one government department
Informing me that another
Had told them of my whereabouts
That’s strange don’t you think
Tracking our movements

An innocent case today
Of change of address
But definitely a tracing of my life
On line !

Reminds me of when
I went overseas
For a few months
Centrelink informed
NSW transport
That I was gone

A terrible thing to do
For a pensioner
So they cancelled
My gold opal card
Naughty thoughts apparently

The irony is of course
That bloody card didn’t
Work in Italy
Or any where else
Oh well back home
It was restituted

And now they want us to accept
A tracking device
I wouldn’t trust them for a moment
Peter Dutton will swoop like a bird of prey
And fly away with all of your information
Into his nest of control

Tell them to fuck off please
Before your privacy is completely compromised
Control they want
If you give it to them
You’ll suffer terrible consequences!

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