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As it creeps

Stephen Chinnock

21 December 2020

As the new year
Creeps up on us again
Clouded by fear
And deeply embedded memories
I hold my breath
Not wanting to face up
To that terrible day again

I wished that day away
Bought a new house
A brand new car
Set up a new and bright life
Welcomed the little ones
Back into a fun daily life
Planted a garden of plenty
To nourish our bodies and souls

But in my quiet moments
I see those skies blood red
The ominous portents
Before the defining event
Of hell descending on Conjola Park
And know we’ll never be
The same again

The Phoenix of course arose
Carrying us through to creative responses
A great celebration of art
In many wonderful forms
Much has been painted, sculpted and written
Songs sung and films made

All the heart felt support
The coming together
As a bonded community
The holding of hands
Never held before
Kept us on our feet
Rebuilding or moving on

In all of this living a new life
There remains a hot ember
Still burning in our hearts
Yet to be extinguished
As time goes by
It will fizzle out one day
In the eternal ocean of time!

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