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Are the fires forgotten?

Stephen Chinnock

10 April 2020

We experienced
The most terrible conflagration
Only a short while ago
The community rallied
Giving huge support
We began to know each other
With regular and reassuring contact

But then a contagion
Sneaked in
Diverting our attention
The headlines
Have forgotten
The fires
The devastation of our lives

Now all locked into our homes
If you have one , after the fires
Where can you stay
Survivors of the fire
Do you have adequate shelter
A space to reflect
Gather your strength

The big sit-in
Hardly provides
Opportunities to revitalise
Rebuild and begin again

The bitter irony is
We had just learnt
To hug our neighbours
People we’d not met before

And suddenly
It’s hands off
Don’t stand so close to me
Can’t even touch
The bloody door handle!

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