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Another wave

Caroline Yabsley

28 December 2020

It comes upon me
With a gush
Without warning.

One minute content,
Enjoying a read.
And then suddenly it’s there.

A warm upwelling
From deep in my chest,
Up to my throat and eyes.

I know this feeling now
It’s become a good friend,
I can allow it to remain.

I feel my shoulders relax,
And the prolonged crying out breath
And the emotion.

I’ve learned to treasure
This sensation
That allows the emotion to flow.

Sometimes there are tears,
Sometimes there are none.
And in 16 seconds it passes.

An opportunity to reflect again,
On the enormity of that day
When Fire took our Innocence away.

When we all learned
That our existence here
Is truly.....conditional.

Our planet is changing.
We know this now.
Can we keep up with the change.

Each episode of tears is a gift,
A training to open my heart,
And be what is required of me.

So bring on the tears
Let me see what’s there
Let my soul learn from this.

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