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And so

Stephen Chinnock

1 May 2020

And so I sit again
With my bottle of wine
Pondering the meaning of life
Scribbling down my thoughts
Putting them on line for all to see
Exposing my vulnerability

It’s not so much an exercise in ego
But searching to see where we all are going
In troubled times on a troubled planet
Looking for a way out of the eternal maze
So often impenetrable to all

Turn a corner only to find
You’re up shit creek again
Always without a paddle
To stir you out of the eddies
Dragging you down dead ends
Spinning around endlessly
Trying to find a way out !

I’m playing you know with words
But also trying to find some sense
In the dense forest of life
Have to say that I can’t at the moment
See the trees for the overall bush

Wish that I could get a clear vision
Of the road ahead while there’s time
Before I fall over the finishing line
The lines on the track to run
Are clear to me
If I can muster the strength
And fitness to run the last race!

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