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An Empty Nest

Stephen Chinnock

24 March 2020

My home is empty
My heart is full
In equal parts
Of compassion
And fear

I'd rather be out
Wandering around
Filling my eyes
With the beauty
Of the natural world

Staying put
Is contrary
To my peripatetic soul
Craving views landscapes
Especially along the coast

The beaches
The rocks
The mountains
Maintain my connection
To life

If I now must stay home
Locked into
This empty nest
Fantasy and memories
Will be my best friends

I'll dig in deep
See what images
Are ingrained
Try to represent them
With my coloured pencils

I certainly won't become
Michelangelo over night
But the images and colours
Are swirling in my mind
If I can create pictures
In my mind and in words

I'll think back
To those wonderful kids
In year one
Who were able
At the drop of a hat
Represent in images divine
Whatever theme required

I'll try to tap in
To that creative stream
That all of us have had
Once upon a time
Give me some time
I'm heading outside
Of my usual boundaries

That's the kind of journey
We'll all have to follow
To stay sane
In this time
Of isolation
And going it alone!

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