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Ah Well!

Stephen Chinnock

19 March 2020

Ah well I'm not sure
If I can stop writing
At this point of time
I will try the idea of illustration
I'll have plenty of time
When we all have to live
In isolation

Here's the point though
If we are to be separated
In time and space
We'll have to have
So much more communication
In this form

For me all my writing daily
With replies and comments
Has become a conversation
With others in the same boat
A kind of banter if you like

That conversation now has
A new driving force
A metre of distance
That we can put into verse
Connecting in way
We have already learnt
Opening our hearts
After the fires and floods

We certainly can't
Cease to talk
Wandering around
With the last bog roll
In our hand

So let's accept our inevitable fate
Make it a habit
To communicate
With electronic words
Maybe not ideal
But it may be
The only way to stay in touch

In real time and long time
Seems we won't be able to touch
In traditional ways
Let's bring up our souls
To the surface
Write down our fears and concerns
Create a whirlwind of touching
Through words expressed
Openly and honestly

I'll be in touch
My new friends on line!

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