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Ah my Fra

Stephen Chinnock

9 December 2020

Oh my Fra you wouldn’t believe
How they have put their hearts
On a plate for all to see
As I have done
With your guidance

An opening up out loud
Of the depths of the heart
Grief revealed as it is
What a great blessing
To let it all go in words
On the page of the story
Of a troubled time

You on your knees
On the cold stone floor
Will continue to pray for us
Granting benediction
For those souls so hurt
Searching for redemption

They are finding it dear Fra
In a new sense of community
In words and actions
Sharing what they have to give
In a myriad of forms

Care and compassion
You’ve taught us well
From your isolated cell
In those cold mountains
In the time of the plague

Stay with me please
Dear Fra Sebastiano
You are the rock
My foundation
Showing the way to redemption

The icon of care and compassion
So needed in the world of now!

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