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Ah Fra

Stephen Chinnock

6 May 2020

Oh Fra Sebastiano
I’m seeking you again
My lost monk in the monastery
Of so long ago
In the mountains of mystery

Tell me the answer if you can
Why are we so blind to the facts
It’s all laid out clearly
On the table for all to see
But swept aside for political expediency

How can we go forward
In these dilemmas facing us daily
Is it a lack of faith in Gods
I fear they have let us down
We are struggling about
On a planet under threat
Without a clear sense of direction

Please Fra Sebastiano
Go into your cell so simple and cold
Contemplate if you can
The insanity of mankind
Try to give us from the depths
Of your mind and soul
A hint , just this
Of where we should go next

Your cold knees on the stone floor
Might reveal much more
Of the heart of humanity
Our fucking politicians
Don’t see it at all
Leaving many unsupported
In times of great need

So please say a prayer
For all of us
Hoping for resurrection
At the end of the day
Without your help
I fear terrible outcomes

So pray endlessly my monk
In the mountains of mystery
And deliver us from our stupidity
Show us the light of compassion
For all on this planet!

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